Health Coaching Explained

Are you ready to be coached?


The Readiness Factor:

Coaching requires a readiness factor. We all have dreams. The question becomes are we ready to turn those dreams into goals with outlined action steps and begin living even more purpose-filled lives?

What it takes:

If you've decided you are ready it's important you understand what being ready means. We are going to be digging deep. There are so many layers to work through on the journey of achieving our goals, whether we are working on health, relationships, career, family or finances. On each layer you may discover triggers, sensitive areas, you may or may not have addressed. To get through these layers we are going to have to face fears. Some of this process may be emotionally and mentally draining and difficult. 

My Role:

My role as your coach is to provide you with authentic, constructive feedback as we develop a strategy to help you fully embody the mindset necessary to achieve your goals. As a coach my role is also to help you take an honest assessment. This assessment will require me to ask questions that may sometimes be perceived as direct and uncomfortable. Growth happens outside of your comfort zone. You need to be prepared for this part of the process. Honesty and directness can be some of the toughest aspects of the coaching process for many people. Myself included. These components are also the most helpful. You must know that I only share things with you if they are true and necessary to help you reach your goals.

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