The Vision Board Process

Creating a vision board is the start of getting clear about your passion, what makes your heart smile. The board helps us to stay focused, and redirect our attention toward consistently choosing to incorporate the things that bring joy into our lives. A daily reminder to stay the course, come what may, and follow your yellow brick road which will ultimately lead you to your purpose. 

About the Workshops

Additional Information

Creating a Vision Board is  a process more than a one time event. The Vision Board Process Workshop is designed to increase your awareness about where you want to focus, what you are passionate about, who you must become to allow your vision to manifest, habits you'd like to replace, what keeps you motivated, and your why. 

Passion – Understanding your passion can help you define a focal point for your vision board. During the workshop we will engage in an activity to help you connect to your passion. 

Inspiration – As with many journey's you will encounter adventure along the way. Some of the adventure is less desirable and may cause you to feel discouraged during the process. During the workshop we will highlight key tools and techniques you can use to help you stay inspired along the way, such as your why. Listening to tips from others will be helpful also. 

The process – While we can often get caught up in being results driven, during this workshop I encourage you to open up to the respecting the process. The process is where you gain your training and build your muscle. The process is preparing you for the receipt of your vision. 

Identifying Steps – A vision unfolds a little bit every day, moment by moment as we take the necessary steps toward our desired outcome. Embracing the process is a technique we master when we identify steps along the way and set up strategies of how to carry out the steps we will take. 

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Having a coach is a helpful tool you can use to allow your vision to become a reality. Your coach is like the bridge that helps you take your vision off the board and into your daily life. To learn more about my coaching services and packages click here. 

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