The Wellness Club Details


Consistently experiencing total wellness requires deliberate, conscious planning and action. The planning and actions necessary include creating the space in our lives for  time spent with our thoughts, connecting with our feelings, reflecting on our behavior, and studying self care. Everything else in life begins to flow into place when we take the time to incorporate these wellness habits daily.

Incorporating wellness habits daily is a self loving lifestyle.  A lifestyle which allows us to better serve in our homes, our communities, and ultimately in our purpose. ‘The Wellness Club’ is a community of people with the same goal of maintaining wellness.

One of the benefits of being in the club is building relationships with the people in the wellness club community. The Club‘s community consists of passionate professionals in the areas of health coaching, nutrition, psychotherapy, & fitness. These individuals are passionate about the work they do because they, like many who they now guide, have gone through some pretty stressful times in life and have made it out to teach and share their journey. 

’The Wellness Club‘ also consists of individuals just desiring to be a part of and surrounded by positive energy so they can maintain wellness. 

In this club you can expect the following: 

  • Support and guidance as you strategize to develop a wellness plan for the lifestyle you intend to experience.
  • Compassion as you work to implement new habits every day. 
  • A listening ear as you navigate through your current conditions.
  • Tools and techniques we’ve researched and implemented in our own lives with great success. 
  • A community of people sure to add to the joy factor of your life. 

The bottom line: ‘The Wellness Club’ is a community for people serious about maintaining homeostasis. Everyone including the professionals mentioned are members of the group. Connecting is such an important part of wellness, whether you’ve experienced chronic disease or not, we all thrive on support and connection. 

Additional Benefits

  • Join our monthly dining meet ups where we try out different restaurants.
  • Gain access to resources we’ve researched and tested. 
  • Develop healthy relationships.
  • Receive an accountability partner to help you stay on track for the goals you’ve set.