A Vision of Wellness

About the Workshop

Our quality of life is a reflection of our health. How we feel, how we show up in the world, the condition of our relationships, our social interactions, our finances, and our home life all depend on our wellbeing. Living your best life starts with actively using tools and engaging in activities that strengthen your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health which must be intentionally practiced daily. 

Health is at the foundation of all that we do and is a delicate flower that must be given the right balance of sun, light, water, and love. Simply put we must be intentional with our wellness. Developing a vision for your wellness ensures that you set your health and then ultimately your life up for success. Instead of leaving this imperative component of life to chance a vision of wellness allows you to create a lifestyle with wellness as a key component to your everyday routine. 

In the vision of wellness workshop you take the time to get clear about your goals as it relates to your health. This can include your meal plan, exercise, social activities, recreation, relaxation, and check up’s with your wellness care team. We will also identify tools you can use to design your own strategy for how you can respond to and manage stress and emotions. By engaging in open ended dialogue we get to the route causes of your triggers and identify methods to help you self sooth aligning yourself back to a state of calm at your own will.



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