Awareness is Key to Wellness

By increasing awareness I teach students to create the habit of wellness using the principles associated  with yoga, meditation & creativity. 

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New Meditation

Join me as we take a journey to the beach in this relaxing meditation. You can subscribe to my youtube channel to stay up to date on the newest meditations I upload here

Product of the month

Each month I will present you with new products I've explored. Check them out here

Recipe of the Month

Each Month I will share new recipes I've tried and remixed, you can print the new recipes here. 

Yoga Pose of the Month

Every month I will be breaking down a different yoga pose and I'd love for you to share your input on these postures. 


Affirmations help us program our mind consciously to ideas we desire to focus on. Each month I will be focusing on one new affirmation. 

Daily Reflections

Everyday life unfolds new lessons to help guide us on this magical journey. One of my purposes is to share with you the lessons as they are revealed to me. You may discover some similarities with your journey and find a sense of connection.